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Girls Technology Day 2014


We are excited to share our participation in the second annual Girls Technology Day. This event is dedicated to educating middle school and high school age girls on how exciting and rewarding a career in technology can be. The day is designed to educate and excite these girls to spark the idea of a technological focused career early on. The event is made possible by local volunteers, business professionals and corporations who conduct lectures and workshops to captivate this audience of young girls. Workshops included exposure to; making Ethernet cables, game programming, 3D modeling and many more.


This year’s event took place on Wednesday, March 19th at NHTI in Concord and helped to educate 202 girls who participated. Mary Laturnau, Director of the IT and Manufacturing Partnership, has been instrumental in coordinating this event and deserves a tremendous amount of credit for making this all possible. We look forward to a third successful year next spring.