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End of year self assessments

End of Year Self Assessments

It’s the end of the calendar year and in addition to the self-assessment your organization may have asked you to do, it’s also a time when we take stock of our personal goals – what we’re proud of, what we’re glad we tried, what worked and what didn’t. The act of...

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Five soft skills every data scientist needs to be successful

Five Soft Skills Every Data Scientist Needs to Be Successful

As a data scientist, you use your hard skills such as interpreting data, uncovering smart insights, and providing strategies in line with your findings. You also use your soft skills to share your knowledge with stakeholders in a way that’s easily understood. Since...

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The appropriate way to navigate office happy hours

The Appropriate Way to Navigate Office Happy Hours

​Deciding whether to join your team for office happy hours can be challenging. On the one hand, you may want to stay at the office for another hour and get more work done. On the other hand, you want to maintain credibility as the leader. Since you want to promote...

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How to show your boss you’re ready for more responsibility

How to Show Your Boss You’re Ready for More Responsibility

As an IT professional with a reputation for getting things done, you’re in a strong position to let your boss know you want to take on additional tasks. Whether you want to keep busy, sharpen your skills, or prepare for a promotion, taking on additional work...

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8 ways to give back to your tech team this holiday season

8 Ways to Give Back to Your Tech Team This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, you want to give back to your tech team for their hard work and contributions leading to company success. Because your company couldn’t function without the dedication of your team, you need to show how much you appreciate their loyalty and...

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