Networking Tips for Technology Professionals

Jan 4, 2021

Posted by: Jason Alexander, Managing Partner, BANKW Staffing

The majority of jobs are filled through networking, and because networking introduces you to new people and makes your job easier, you should be learning to connect with others in a variety of ways.

Here are five networking tips to advance your career.

Use LinkedIn

Be active on LinkedIn. Connect with colleagues, managers, leaders, and other professionals in your industry. Share relevant content to keep others informed on the latest news, tools, and trends. Participate in LinkedIn technical forums or other groups to share your knowledge and insight, ask and answer questions, and establish yourself as a thought leader within these forums.

Join a User Group

Participate in a skill-based user group. These groups provide opportunities to share your knowledge and insight while connecting with other like-minded professionals. You can attend meetings, workshops, and other events to learn new things and expand your reach.  Ask your Alexander Technology Group recruiter for suggestions to local User Group for your skill set. In addition, I would suggest using the technical section within as many of the User Groups promote themselves on this site.

Prepare your Elevator Pitch

Rehearse a short story about who you are. Have it ready for conferences, work functions, and networking events. Make your pitch 30 seconds or less. Include your name, experiences, interests and what kind of career you want. It is an elevator pitch because it needs to be concise and you want to be ready to conclude the conversation with the sharing of information, exchanging business cards and contact information.

Offer to Help

One of the most powerful sentences “How can I help you?” when meeting someone new, ask how you might be able to help them. Perhaps they’re looking for a new job, career advice, or information on industry news they just learned about. You might know of a job opening, be able to connect the person with an employee at a company they want to work for, or provide insight into a topic they bring up.   Helping someone is the best starting point for a relationship that might turn out to be fruitful for you in the future.

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