Day Off from Work to Recharge and Regroup

Feb 4, 2021

Posted by: Paul Silvio, Vice President, Alexander Technology Group

When you have a day off work, you must use your time to rest. Creating a proper work-life balance results in less fatigue, lower rates of procrastination, and stronger mental and physical health. Being idle helps you be more creative and better at problem-solving. For these reasons, you must disconnect during your time away from the office. Here are five ways how. 

Do Nothing   

Rather than filling every moment with productivity, take time to do nothing consciously. Gazing out a window, sitting motionless, or engaging in other purposeful idleness helps you be more creative, productive, and focused. You’re able to get out of your head and see the bigger picture. If doing nothing seems challenging, start with small sessions and build your endurance. Keep your mobile devices out of the room. Move your furniture away from the television and face a window. Try open-ended toys or games, like kinetic sand, to settle your mind into idleness. 

Engage in Deliberate Rest 

Participate in restful activities that are vigorous, mentally engaging, and unrelated to your work. Paint pictures, play chess, or write a story. Listen to a podcast, doodle, or read poetry. Purposeful rest helps to relieve the stress and exhaustion of work, allowing new experiences and lessons to take shape in your memory, and providing space for your subconscious to keep working. 

Finish Tasks 

Since it’s hard to relax when you’ve been putting off personal tasks, finish them. Whether you need to answer an email, call a friend, create a personal spending plan, or finish another activity, get it done. In most cases, these tasks cause you stress, anxiety, or fear, which is why you keep putting them off. Since avoidance and procrastination cause more stress, working on the tasks you’ve been pushing off helps you feel more settled.   

Be Quiet 

Since office life is loud, spend some time being quiet. Avoiding noise and distractions helps you concentrate better. Meditate, read a book, or garden. Color, go for a jog or take part in another quiet activity. Focus on doing one thing at a time, so it has your full attention. 

Move Your Body 

Because you might spend much of your workday in front of a computer, make time to move your body. Rather than sitting in front of the television watching Netflix, go for a walk, dance, or practice yoga. Movement boosts your endorphins, making you feel happier and less stressed. 

Gain Work-Life Balance 

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