Five Soft Skills Every Data Scientist Needs to Be Successful

Dec 16, 2021

Posted by: Paul Becker, Managing Partner, BANKW Staffing

As a data scientist, you use your hard skills such as interpreting data, uncovering smart insights, and providing strategies in line with your findings. You also use your soft skills to share your knowledge with stakeholders in a way that’s easily understood. Since you need the right soft skills to convey what you learn when applying your hard skills, it’s important that you develop your skills equally to continue adding value for your employer.

Here are five soft skills you need to be successful as a data scientist.

Understanding the Business

As a data scientist, you need to understand the user’s needs. For instance, when you work for a business, you must know the company’s strengths and weaknesses and what its customers need and want. You can use this information to determine where the organization stands and where it’s headed. The data insights can be converted into smart analysis and decisions to overcome the gaps. Also, since knowing how the business is situated among competitors is essential, you must stay current with changing trends. Knowing which trends can be leveraged to increase the company’s position is imperative to improve its competitive edge.

Translating Tech Language for Non-Tech People

In your role as a data scientist, you need to translate tech words for non-tech people within the company. You need to understand the demands of non-tech employees and figure out which technologies are required to fill them. You also have to take the IT department’s results and translate them for the non-tech people so they understand how the technologies can help them.

Syncing the Business with Technology

Working as a data scientist, you need to know what the company needs to succeed in the industry. This knowledge lets you determine the technology required to reach business goals. Staying current on technologies to analyze business needs is imperative to keep the organization ahead of the competition.

Giving Data Analytics a Perspective

As a data scientist, you’re responsible for helping to provide perspective on the technical side of the business in an easily understood manner. As a result, you need people skills to provide evidence showing why the company should move in a certain direction. Providing data to back up business decisions helps to move the business forward.

Curiosity for Discovery

In your role of data scientist, you need curiosity to interpret any given set of data in multiple ways. Since data doesn’t always tell a single story, you must reach more than one conclusion to provide management. For this reason, being creative is essential. It would help if you uncovered patterns and solutions that others might overlook. You also must give a differentiation factor to help the business compete in its industry.

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