Make Your Tech Company More Efficient with AI

Dec 23, 2021

Posted by: Matt Nagler, Managing Partner, BANKW Staffing

Regardless of your tech company’s size or type, you want to find ways to increase efficiency continually. Since greater efficiency is linked with higher profitability, getting more done in less time means increasing your bottom line.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to increase efficiency for your business operations in these five ways.

Support Customer Engagement

Chatbots can answer customer questions outside of business hours. They identify the nature of the problem, then either provide preprogrammed answers or pass the communication to a human support worker. For instance, chatbots may offer simple answers to “How late are you open today?” or “Do you have gluten-free menu options?” Receiving fast answers increases the odds of the customer doing business with one company rather than another. There’s also no need for employees to stop what they’re doing and answer questions.

Enhance Reporting

Reports show which products/services are selling fastest and where they’re most popular. They also clarify how marketing campaigns impact product sales, break down the costs of a new packaging choice or shipping method, and more. Since creating reports is a time-consuming task, and rushing often causes errors, combining AI with big data analytics provides better forecasts, reduces errors, and relieves burdens of preparing reports. Since AI learns to uncover patterns in data and gets smarter with time, reports get completed faster and provide increasingly reliable information.

Improve Data Transfer Speeds

For instance, services that increase speeds across a wide-area network (WAN) provide users with consistently faster rates regardless of the type of information being transferred. AI-driven options can reduce WAN job times by up to 98%. These options are especially useful when companies need to move information between data centers or cloud environments.

Identifying Cyberthreats

Along with detecting potential intrusions associated with a network, AI can screen for software abnormalities that can make it easier for cybercriminals to attack. The technology also can find malicious software that hackers may install. IT security teams use real-time updates to more productively perform their work. As a result, it’s easier to determine which are genuine cyber threats and which are false alarms. Rather than wasting time deciding which are legitimate threats, teams focus on resolving actual threats and maintaining operational stability.

Streamline Your Time-to-Hire Metric

Human resources professionals can use AI to decrease the time between posting a job and hiring the ideal candidate. For instance, an AI platform can look for specific keywords in resumes rather than having hiring managers spend time performing the task. The technology also can use voice and facial recognition to evaluate videos submitted by candidates responding to interview questions without prior preparation. AI assesses how nervous the candidate appeared and whether they displayed specific mood or behavior patterns that fit with company culture.

Increase Efficiency in Your Hiring Process

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