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Feb 6, 2023

Posted by: Nikki Merian, Recruiting Manager, KNF&T Staffing Resources

Nikki Merian 2023When you’ve decided to embark on a job hunt, you can find yourself easily overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to conduct a thorough search. You may already be underwhelmed from an exhausting day in a role that no longer satisfies or challenges you, leading to a potentially vicious cycle: exhausted from work, too tired to job hunt for more than five minutes at a time, sleep, rinse, and repeat.

Sure, you can settle for the quick-apply option to whatever opportunities generate when you enter your desired position into a search bar and select a desired radius from your home, but that’s probably how you found your last job and that didn’t work out as well as you had hoped, leading to yet another job search.

If you’re feeling the pressure of a new, or even a long-term job search, it’s time to consider something different. It’s time to get some help.

It’s time to pair with a professional recruiter.

Free Service

A question recruiters get asked a lot is, “If I don’t pay you, who does?” The answer, in almost all cases (including work with all of our organizations), is the employer, or company pays for the recruiting firm to find talented applicants and all related services.  Regardless of how long you work with the recruiting agency and whether you are successfully placed in a new position or not, you aren’t on the hook for any financial obligations at all.

Resume Consultation 

Recruiters will start at the beginning with you, and that means refreshing your resume. They can help position your resume to clearly translate your best and most desirable skills to potential employers. By offering formatting advice, assessing your proficiencies and presented projects, as well as coaching your verbiage to meet current market trends, a professional recruiter can maximize the first impression you make on employers by designing a professional resume with you (whether you engage their services or not).

A Helping Hand

A professional recruiter is already deeply rooted into the local employment marketplace. They’re in the know of open positions, companies that are hiring or will be hiring soon, and what skills and abilities are required to be successful in those desirable positions. While there won’t be an “easy apply” option with a recruiter, they can do most of the heavy lifting for you! Pairing with a recruiter is like having a personal assistant searching for opportunities that fit your skills and desires while you’re busy managing your own responsibilities.

That’s not to say that you should leave all the job searching to your recruiter – they may not represent every open position in your area that interests you – but they can present you with multiple employment opportunities that you may not have seen or given much thought to in your own cursory search.

Interview Coaching 

Once an interview is secured for a position that excites you, your recruiter will coach you on how to dress, what questions may be asked, what questions you should ask, and how to best showcase your skills and background with confidence.

After your interview, they’ll debrief with you to see how you feel the experience went. This follow-up can also identify areas where you feel you need to improve in your interview presentation. Additionally, once your recruiter speaks with the company, they can provide additional feedback on how your interview went from the employer’s side. Often this feedback can be immediately implemented to improve future interview experiences and increase your chances of receiving a job offer.


If you’re like most people, you likely experience some sense of discomfort when it comes to negotiating – especially when it comes to your own compensation. When working with a well-qualified recruiter, you may not have to. Not only is a professional recruiter well versed in the current salary trends of the employment market, but they are experienced when it comes to negotiating a fair compensation package for highly talented job seekers like you.

First Day Prep 

From acceptable dress code to delicious lunch spots, your recruiter can help you prepare for your first day at your new job so you can focus on learning the new tasks at hand. It’s likely that your recruiter is highly familiar with your new employer making it easy to convey the best travel routes, parking, top restaurants, and internal company culture.  Your first day should be a huge success so rest assured knowing your recruiter will equip you with all of the best information and preparation possible.

Contact BANKW Staffing Today! 

With a recruiter from BANKW Staffing and its family of companies assisting you with your job search, you can feel confident that you’ll locate a career that fits you, your talents, and your goals with a local employer that’s looking for someone just like you! And best of all, all these services are free when you work with BANKW Staffing. From resume consultation to interview preparations and even first day advice, you’ll have a professional in your corner every step of the way.

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